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Fred Le Chevalier | Nikaia, Athens

τοιχογραφιες σε ιδιωτικο σχολειο

Fred Le Chevalier, (The Knight), is a Parisian fine street artist who has managed through out the years to become a synonym to the Paris Street art era.

The city is blooming with walls of his pictures, collages. Fred has turned into an icon of Neo Street Art. His pastings, they run, they fly, they dance … some calmer look you straight in the eyes.

These characters lining the capital for more than two years. A Belleville as Beaubourg or Montmartre. From the discrete passages that become a canvas, via Face book, blogspot or Instagram, his drawings and collages experience an explosive reputation among both walkers and the urban art community.

Parisians do not escape these images that tickle their retina. It’s all about language and an elegant and refined graphics, Fred Le Chevalier knew instinctively find his writing. His urban interventions are the most identifiable of all.

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