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Maser Interview | Ireland

τοιχογραφιες σε στουντιο Irish street artist Maser has returned to London producing this new black and white mural titled ‘Unite’ in Shoreditch. We caught the finished mural this afternoon on the side of the former Ravenscroft Public House on the Dorset Estate in East London which would appear to have a new owner. The site

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τοιχογραφιες σε Εστιατοριο Can you introduce yourself? I am cartoonist since 1999 but also the author of the reference book on graffiti: Paris Tonkar (published in 1991) … I also practiced photography for many years as the paint. Indeed, I began to paint on canvas in the early 90s from the moment I could no

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Robi the Dog

Τοιχογραφια σε Γραφεια The first time the Swiss Street Artist Robi the Dog visited Berlin, he was so active that you had to be blind not to realise that new paste-ups were popping up all over the city (we’ve already written a post about him and his first visit to Berlin). Now Robi the Dog

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Mobstr Interview | UK

Τοιχογραφια σε Καφε Innovative, brash, satirical and often bold, these are the words to describe the work of world renowned street artist Mobstr. From Newcastle, Mobstr sometimes tells stories through his work while at other times they are merely entertaining. Mobstr is passionate about his work which ranges from the very simple to deeper meanings.

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Borondo | Athens

τοιχογραφια σε καφε Gonzalo Borondo was born in a Spanish city Valladolid, but very soon went to live in Segovia. At fourteen, Borondo moved to Madrid where he attended the Art School and the Academy of Fine Arts. He graduated in IES Margarita Salas Madrid and continued his fine arts studies in Madrid Complutense University.

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UNO Interview | Italy

τοιχογραφιες σε στουντιο UNO is a Russian born street artist who now lives and works in Rome. The techniques used in his artistic production are the classics of street art, although his preference, right from his first experiences in the street, are posters — repetition, collage, decoupage. Anything that has to do with paper and

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Fred Le Chevalier

Fred Le Chevalier, (The Knight), is a Parisian fine street artist who has managed through out the years to become a synonym to the Paris Street art era. The city is blooming with walls of his pictures, collages. Fred has turned into an icon of Neo Street Art. His pastings, they run, they fly, they

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Stephane Koyama-Meyer

With 10 years long experience in graphic design, inspired by the street art movement and alternative music scene, Stephane Koyama-Meyer, also known as Traz, creates interesting visual combinations of bright colors and drawings. He likes to play with letters and chose sentences, so-called motivation quotes, borrowed from philosophers, poems or even hip hop lyrics. With

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The most famous french book “Paris Tonkar” will be soon reedited. I wanted to know more about this project and interview one of the author of the third worlwide graffiti book: Tarek Ben Yakhlef. Tarek you are one of the authors of the most famous French graffiti book. How do you were connected with the

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