Edward von Lõngus | Nikaia, Athens

Edward von Lõngus | Nikaia, Athens

Edward von Lõngus in an Estonian stencil artist based in Tartu. His works have gotten attention from media and art critics, been presented in art exhibitions and sold in art auctions.[2]

He has been compared to Banksy[3] because of the style of his works, that often include political and social commentary, use of stencils and unknown identity.

He received the Tartu City Culture Award in 2014 for his work “Cannabeard and witch-hunter”, that takes Estonian children book character Sammalhabe (“Mossbeard”) and manipulates it to produce a social-critical work about the war on drugs.

Edward von Lõngus in action! from marika agu on Vimeo.

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Modern Gods... The former birthplace of historic utopic ideals is now experiencing the downfall of current ones. Old ideas have given place to new concepts and former gods have surrendered themselves to new ones. This piece is dedicated to modern gods, The Handless Demokratos and The Headless Capitalismos, whose co-matching disabilities form the twin pillars of our society. Photos by Ruudu Rahumaru