Greg Jager | Nikaia, Athens

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June 24, 2018
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May 11, 2019

Greg Jager | Nikaia, Athens

Within the Athens Street Art Festival, a project born with the aim of enhancing and supporting European creativity in urban art, Greg Jager, Italian visual artist, produced a mural inside the public school 6th Gimnasio Nikeas Giorgos Seferis.

For the occasion, the artist, who formed in the field of graffiti writing and urban art, has produced an artwork on a facade of the school. Iridescences that fade from red to blue to black and minimal graphic graftingss have always been the most characteristic elements of the artist’s works, which here interact with a thick vegetation that contrasts with the geometrical and mathematical sign, just to highlight the brutal relationship between architecture and environment.

The artistic residence of Greg Jager was supported and promoted by the Institute of Italian Culture in Athens.

Greg Jager
Visual artist (born in 1982), constantly relies on abstract graphics with architectural contexts, making the spatial and material graphic sign. This dialogue becomes a constant evolution and experimentation in the field of post-graffiti.
His work, despite developing mainly in “outdoor” contexts, escapes from the street, where there is an ephemeral and distracted fruition, finding its ideal habitat in places that favor the contemplation of his art.

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