Last January, with the exhibition “Midi – Minuit”, Franck Duval presented the results of his personal musings on time and light. Since then, his ideas have traveled from urban spaces to exhibitions and now shine like stars in the sky stars of the seventh art, of course. With its new exhibition ” Ciné- Paris”, the artist sets foot in the Cinéma des Cinéastes (the Filmmakers’ Theatre) in Paris. In keeping with the venue’s original aim to favor artistic exchanges, FKDL presents a new series, yet shares the stage.


Along side with him are some other actors of the street and urban scene. For the duration of a canvas, Beerens, Dume, Mr. Lolo and Stoul, each with their sensitivity and their influences, shared memories of an icon, of a film or the inspirational atmosphere of a genre.


And since they all played the game of collaboration, it is the sharing of ideas that dictated the scenario for the work of each duo. In this case, the sharing of expertise was made for the sake of the references and the artists shine together in an exercise of team play.


Cinema is, without a doubt, one of FKDL’s favorite subject. And if pieces of his previous shows are here to prove, the new series created for “Cine-Paris” confirms it. The black and white photographs of the specialized press of the Sixties, the sepia, blue or green glow, of the spoken film of the 40’s or the 50’s have once more invited him to transform his workstation into an editing station. To present his ever growing cast of personage, he mingles cover girls and cowboys, suspicious looks and mystery, romance and suspense.


Frame after frame, Franck Duval’s coil of paper never ceases to unfold. And like a path drawn between past and present, it accompanies the audience on the way to the Cinéma des Cinéastes.


Franck Duval aka FKDL | 1963 | Lives and works in Paris, France

It’s been over 20 years between his first brushstrokes in the 80’s and the first time his black silhouettes appeared in the streets. That’s the time it took Franck Duval to experiment with techniques, to develop his ideas, to accumulate stacks of paper. Never since he started expressing artistically has this passionate of collage ceased to evoke femininity, fashion, art de vivre, light, time and cinema. Themes he approaches both in his exhibits as well as in the streets. From the broad picture up to the minutest detail, his evolution as an artist is the reflection of his collages: full of characters, symbols and optimistic strength that cling on to the viewer’s memory like the paper of his tablecloths to the walls.

Text | Camille Berthelot-du Plessix

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