BillyGee + AITH + PHANTOM295 | Plaka, Athens

A collaboration of BillyGee,  Resk, R otten Apple , PHANTOM295, ΑΙΤΗ, Seme TFC and Iris in a public action over a 1,350 sq.meters surface | 1o ΠΕΙΡΑΜΑΤΙΚΟ ΓΥΜΝΑΣΙΟ ΑΘΗΝΩΝ | ΑΝΔΡΙΑΝΟΥ 114 | MAP LosOtros Mj Tom is Writer, Curator […]

BillyGee + PHANTOM295 + … | Nikaia, Athens

A collaboration ork of BillyGee, PHANTOM295, ΑΙΤΗ and SAME84 in a public action over a 850 sq.meters surface | 6ο ΔΗΜΟΤΙΚΟ ΣΧΟΛΕΙΟ ΝΙΚΑΙΑΣ | ΡΕΔΕΣΤΟΥ + ΒΟΣΠΟΡΟΥ | MAP LosOtros Mj Tom is Writer, Curator and Urban Artist. For more […]

Blo | Athens

BLO is a French artist and a member of Da Mental Vaporz crew (DMV) who uses creativity as a device to question, invert or pervert aspects of daily life. There is a recognizable speed of the hand, looseness of line, […]

Blu | Athens

Blu is an Italian street artist that currently lives in Bologna, Italy. He started painting in a capital of Italy’s Emilia-Romagna Region and has been involved in the street art scene since 1999. His works can be seen through the […]