SKITSOFRENIS | Nikaia, Athens

τοιχογραφια σε Μπαρ Skitsofrenis is a street artist based in Kalamata.11 ΔΗΜΟΤΙΚΟ ΣΧΟΛΕΙΟ ΝΙΚΑΙΑΣ | Π. ΡΑΛΛΗ + ΝΙΚΗΤΑΡΑ | MAP

Slipy The Koolguy + Wak | Athens

τοιχογραφια σε Εστιατοριο Slipy The Koolguy + Wak was born and raised in Chalkida, and they are street artists. For more info at www.facebook.com/slipy.thekoolguy

Stephane Koyama-Meyer | Drapetsona, Athens

With 10 years long experience in graphic design, inspired by the street art movement and alternative music scene, Stephane Koyama-Meyer, also known as Traz, creates interesting visual combinations of bright colors and drawings. He likes to play with letters and […]

STMTS | Athens

τοιχογραφια χωρος γραφειων STMTS (Stamatis) is a street artist based in Athens. He is currently studying at Athens School Of Fine Arts. He clearly has found an inspiring way of expressing his art on the walls of the city. He […]