April 13, 2018

SKITSOFRENIS | Nikaia, Athens

Skitsofrenis is a street artist based in Kalamata.11 ΔΗΜΟΤΙΚΟ ΣΧΟΛΕΙΟ ΝΙΚΑΙΑΣ | Π. ΡΑΛΛΗ + ΝΙΚΗΤΑΡΑ | MAP                                   […]
March 14, 2018

Blu | Athens

Blu is an Italian street artist that currently lives in Bologna, Italy. He started painting in a capital of Italy’s Emilia-Romagna Region and has been involved in the street art scene since 1999. His works […]
August 23, 2018

Edward von Lõngus | Keratsini

Edward von Lõngus in an Estonian stencil artist based in Tartu. His works have gotten attention from media and art critics, been presented in art exhibitions and sold in art auctions.[2] He has been compared […]
March 11, 2018

Fred Le Chevalier | Nikaia, Athens

Fred Le Chevalier, (The Knight), is a Parisian fine street artist who has managed through out the years to become a synonym to the Paris Street art era. The city is blooming with walls of […]