Kakao Rocks + This Is Opium | Nikaia, Athens

Cacao Rocks is a street artist from Athens (Greece). Cacao Rocks, born in 1985, in Athens, is a Greece street artist who has developed his own distinctive and vibrant style of working. Raised by a French mother and a Greek […]

Kashink | Renti, Athens

τοιχογραφιες σε στουντιο KASHINK is one of the few very active female artists in the French graffiti/street art scene. She lives in Paris, France, and has travelled a lot throughout the world, getting inspiration from many different cultures. She paints […]

Komet1 + Born + Zer | Nikaia, Athens

τοιχογραφιες σε ιδιωτικο σχολειο 13 -18 ΔΗΜΟΤΙΚΟ ΣΧΟΛΕΙΟ ΝΙΚΑΙΑΣ | ΣΟΦΟΚΛΕΟΥΣ 41 | MAP

Kouka Ntadi | Nikaia, Athens

Kouka Ntadi, né à Paris en 1981, est un artiste franco-congolais. Aujourd’hui il vit et travaille à Paris. Fils d’une dramaturge française et d’un artiste congolais, il est aussi le petit-fils du peintre expressionniste Francis Gruber.Il est diplômé de l’école […]