March 4, 2018

Allegra Betti Vander Noot | Nikaia, Athens

Allegra Betti Vander Noot is one of the prominent female Street Artist from Italy, living in Milan. For more on her work please check here.                  
November 24, 2018

FKDL | Renti, Athens

FKDL, pseudonyme de Franck Duval, né à Paris en 1963, est un peintre et collagiste français. Spécialiste de l’art scotch et du collage papier, il rejoint le monde du street art en 2006. Il vit […]
November 3, 2018

WILD DRAWING | Nikaia, Athens

WD aka Wild Drawing, was born in Bali, Indonesia and has degrees in Fine Arts and in Appied Arts. He started off as street artist in 2000 and from that time he spends most of […]
November 3, 2018

LOAF | Nikaia, Athens

LOAF is a Street Artist from Athens [Greece). 4 ΔΗΜΟΤΙΚΟ ΣΧΟΛΕΙΟ ΝΙΚΑΙΑΣ | ΚΑΙΣΑΡΕΙΑΣ + ΒΟΣΠΟΡΟΥ | MAP