Andreas Tsourapas

November 20, 2017

Le Mur .. The Story

Le Mur is a contemporary urban art spot in rue Oberkampf (11eme arrondissement) in Paris, France. It is the initial spot of the street art movement in Paris in 2000. Le Mur was at this […]
September 23, 2017

Dimitris Taxis | Greece

Dimitris Trimintzios, known as Taxis or Dimitris Taxis, was born in Szczecin, Poland, in May 1983, to a Polish art/cultural historian mother and a Greek etcher/painter father. When he was at the age of three […]
September 17, 2013

Emma Arnold Interview | USA

I recently had the opportunity to interview Emma Arnold, founder of the Institute for Art and Environment. The I-AE is an organisation which focuses on the role of art within an environmental discourse. Quite simply, it’s “part […]
July 14, 2013


As the USA is celebrating the anniversary of it’s declared independence from Great Britain today we bring you a few shots of new Street Art from that city widely held as the birthplace of democracy […]