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If you want to submit a Video, please leave your message, or call us. This email is specifically for video submissions because the files are large. We rarely check it though so also email us a note to letting us know you sent something.

Before sending your files please have all faces edited out.

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Thanks for reading. We’d love to hear from you.

If you think things could be improved or if you would like us to cover specific topics, let us know. You may also want to contribute and write about the art you love, again get in touch. You have got a show you want to promote or some art you want to talk to us about, please share it with us. Or for anything else, just speak up!

Our mail + telephone is here for you, wherever you are:

Artists: ask us to be interviewed and published with your artwork,
Fan of Street Art: send us one or few photos that you took so that we can publish it,
Readers: send-us your comments, your questions or whatever you want, using this form,
Promoters : send us your offer to be publicized on our website, and we will discuss about terms & conditions.

International Artist Exchange

We want to support a living international street art scene. But the situation for talented artists is not always the best. If you come to Athens we can give you support in finding great walls and excellent places to paint or help to organize an exhibition. Just contact us and ask what we can do for you and your art. You should not be doubtful. We hosted a lot of high class international artists in Athens. If you want, asked for our references.

Press Support

Street Art is getting more and more popular. The artists often work hidden and are anonymous. So we can offer you meetings with members of the street art scene in Athens to get an interview or an article. Also if you write about the Athens street art scene or an artist and need some pictures (e.g. from current, old or gone art pieces), we provide a big and useful collection of street art pictures to use.

Get in touch with us.

Artist Agency

If you are looking for an artist for an event or an art order, don´t hesitate to contact us, too. If there is a special topic we can also provide you a choice of good, well working artists. If you are interested in a concrete one, we can do the connection. Just get in touch with us.

Art Sales

Are you interested in buying an unique piece of art from a Athens street artist?  We can offer you the connection or art pieces that already exist. Just ask.

We are working together with many artists and are open for your ideas.

Submissions + Tips

ASAF  welcomes submissions in the realm of visual art, photography, sculpture, painting, installation, collage, paper, illustration and drawing, street art, documentaries, and anything else involving a strong visual aspect. While we recognize the importance of all artistic subject matter, if your project involves sex, violence or particularly sensitive topics it regrettably may not be appropriate at this time.

ASAF does not accept products or compensation for editorial coverage with the exception of weekly sponsored posts. If you are interested in sponsoring a post please contact us.

About ASAF

Founders: Andreas C Tsourapas, George Stathopoulos, LosOtros [Copperativa Artistica]

General Manager: Christine Grek

Editor in Chief: John P Tsourapas
Contributing Editor: Andreas C Tsourapas
Web + Social Media Manager: George Stathopoulos

LosOtros Mj Tom is Writer, Curator and Urban Artist. For more on his work please check here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here.