ATHENS STREET ART FESTIVAL [ASAF] is a non profit, non subsidized, non governmental and all volunteer organization. We aim to promote social conscience and action through art. ATHENS STREET ART FESTIVAL [ASAF] is an Year Around Independent European Contemporary Street + Urban Art Festival established and based in Athens, Greece.

ATHENS STREET ART FESTIVAL [ASAF] was formed by a group of committed individuals who are guided by a passionate belief in the power of art to create and convey personal experience and cultivate social progress. ATHENS STREET ART FESTIVAL [ASAF] was founded in 2009 with the purpose to promote graffiti and mural art as an appreciated art form through talented aspiring and accomplished artists as well as to help revitalize low income neighborhoods. We have organised over 1,000 legal street art murals in Athens since 2010.

ATHENS STREET ART FESTIVAL [ASAF] does not promote malicious defacement of private and/or public property of any kind thus refuting the negative image of Graffiti and Street Art . At ATHENS STREET ART FESTIVAL [ASAF] we rebel by being a creative and positive force producing urban art that aims to empower and transform youth and their communities. We rebel by working hard to show what Street Art can do for the revitalization of problematic urban areas.

ATHENS STREET ART FESTIVAL [ASAF] desires to provide an annual platform for European Artists, operating outside of traditional systems. Outsiders if you like. The event aims to stimulate debate by challenging entrenched notions of what art is, and more importantly, can be. ATHENS STREET ART FESTIVAL [ASAF] aims to provide a relevant, challenging and dynamic environment for artists, students, gallery goers and public alike, an event that aims to reflects the culture rather than try and define it.

ATHENS STREET ART FESTIVAL [ASAF] consists of a series of citywide exhibitions, events, performances, interventions, debates + workshops surrounding current trends and movements in street art practice by some of the worlds leading practitioners. Street art as a genre has developed significantly over the past few years, and ASAF is concerned with the task of identifying, promoting and presenting both pioneers and emerging talents within the scene. The artists who attend the festival are among the most acclaimed and progressive public art practitioners in the world.

ATHENS STREET ART FESTIVAL [ASAF] , is a collaboration effort of Andreas C Tsourapas + LosOtros [Cooperativa Artistica]. Visit Andreas C Tsourapas. LosOtros [Cooperativa Artistica]. Athens Street Art Festival FaceBook Profile.

ATHENS STREET ART FESTIVAL [ASAF] , is collaborating and/or is affiliated with the following Festivals:

ATHENS STREET ART FESTIVAL [ASAF] is a full-service urban art and street art agency. We enjoy working with urban artists on projects and murals. So, write us or call us…

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