Alessio Bolognesi | Drapetsona, Athens

Alessio Bolognesi | Drapetsona, Athens

τοιχογραφιες σε ιδιωτικο σχολειο

There’s a little, white, scarred and funny poor thing, out there. They name him Sfiggy…maybe ’cause he is a looser? Who’s Sfiggy? Sfiggy is a (anti)hero of our times but he is with no time, he doesn’t belong to any era and belongs to all of them. Sfiggy is an icon of himself in any epoch.

Sfiggy is me, is all of us! He is the part of our souls that wants to remain a child so to still be amazed by life, but facing it with the self-consciousness and responsibility of an adult. Sfiggy doesn’t want to forget, he wants remember all the experiences: positive and negative, joys and sorrows, successes, adversities and passions. All of them have to be an heritage for our souls. Sfiggy tells us our own story, being touched and trying to touch the others without forgetting, from time to time, to give it up to pure fun.

The “father” of Sfiggy is born on 1978 in Ferrara (Italy) – where he lives and works; Alessio is an electronic engineer passionate about his work but eager to escape from conformity by society and consumerism: he’s then unleashed by a character that is evasive and irreverent, unlucky but vengeful, that don’t take seriously himself and even who is praised and idolized by many, as evidenced by the irreverent works about the great POP-Art masters. Alessio approaches the canvas in 2008 with the study of the human body stylization, handing then over to a project that still sees him intimately involved: Sfiggy!

After many exhibitions across the territory that have made Italian newspapers and radio to discuss about their macabre singularity – as the discovery of an Hello Kitty puppet stabbed near the bus stop in the downtown of Treviso or the one hanged on the Sabaudia bridge by a mysterious “murderer” – Alessio gives us respite and reassurance on the arrest of the fearsome cartoons killer. …but the peace did not last long, our anti-hero back on the loose and does lose track. Meanwhile several people disappear. All of them have a strange tattoo on the skin… yes, that’s him … Sfiggy: what mystery lies behind these disappearances? The SBI (Sfiggy Bureau of Investigation) opened a new S-File and started to investigate! Now-a-day Sfiggy has been also transformed to a lifeless puppet so to talk about human sense of powerlessness when facing certain situations in life. Sfiggy talks about his own deseas and that of the current era.

Alessio is represented by the following galleries: MAG (Como – IT), Square23 Art Gallery (Torino – IT), Studio D’Art (Milano – IT), Galleria Federica Ghizzoni (Milano – IT), Melograno Arte (Livorno – IT), Spazio Cima (Roma – IT). He is among the winners of Premio Ora 2012, picked by Galleria Federica Ghizzoni (Milano – IT).

Sfiggy and the overall activity of Alessio is a work in progress as much as we all are: continuously evolving, so… what now?