Luigi Loquarto | Nikaia, Athens

Entitled “Accumulo” the painted wall follows the characteristic features of the artistic research of Loquarto, aimed to defining nature through geometry, where black and white interact to define new balances; an “organic geometry” that orders the surrounding spatiality.In his research, the stones – “the stone of Trani”, birthplace of the artist, those of dry stone walls and those of the sea – are accumulated to compose new surfaces in which full and empty, contingent elements by definition, underline that delicate balance that is at the basis of nature itself.
Luigi Loquarto (1982) is an italian visual artist living and working in Trani, Italy. He has taken part in various urban art projects in Italy, and spontaneously pursues his research in the city as well as in abandoned buildings.

Luigi Loquarto new wall for ASAF

Il murale di Luigi Loquarto ad Atene per Athens Street Art Festival