Liqen | Spain

Liqen was born in 1980, in Vigo, a port and industrial city of Galicia, in Spain. Since very little, he and his brother started to stand so innate in the drawing, in the handling of proportions, which will be refined thanks for fixing and observation of reality that moves around. His passion has been in the nature, the evolution of man, the diversity of species (including insects) inside their training acquired in an amazing ability to create cosmogony, to the inventive and deliriously fantastic that the world gives.

LIQEN — Wall\Therapy 2012 from Philip Night on Vimeo.

All this leads to the point of adopting Liqen, the name of a pseudo-vegetable, as his meta-name, starting a worldly adventure through his own disturbance, under which he signs his pieces and decrypted character transpolar symbiotic and scientifically the mixture reciprocal of two species, algae and fungus, as a novelty in evolution that is separated from its ancestors, and which is able to adapt to adverse weather conditions.In his blood the way it was written that serious art and in the paper and later on the walls of the streets the best way to express and share their mysterious illusionism, sizing his work, sharing, energy-regenerating spaces, in many cases deteriorated or abandoned.

Liqen . CARSHIT from Martec M on Vimeo.

To Liqen the existence, condition and ultimately human life seems to be a mystery, art, ancestral magic, keeps alive the flame of that mystery, feeling, digesting and transforming it into his pieces, his children, as a matter of genetics, … something like Jorge Frazer said, speaking of homeopathic magic, “like creates like”. Art allows us to approach perhaps a better idea of what we are or we think we are (sometimes parallel with science), an illusion that walks towards magic, which is facing its own human condition towards decisive and critical state that the world and the land currently suffering, from which every one we are involved, where Liqen take homeopathic juice, making a measurement unattended, just for the sole purpose of sharing their cascade amorphous ideas.

In a world dominated by political ineptitude and globalizing monetary interests, Liqen browse in opposite direction as a balance meter and unsustainable and that weighs more on one side than the other.