Johanna “Moxie” Martinez & RAEchel Running aka LuXXarte | Tuscon, Arizona USA

Johanna “Moxie” Martinez & RAEchel Running aka LuXXarte is a women led collective along the US Arizona-Mexico borderlands that promotes public arts & activism related projects which seek to both connect artists, create awareness & engage the viewer with current & historic political, environmental & social justice issues.Johanna & Raechel are the latest dynamic duo seeking to collaborate and share their vision.

Johanna “Moxie” Martinez (°1970, NY, United States) is an interdisciplinary artist and activist with a main focus on large scale painting and love of calligraphy and typography. She is fascinated with the art of giving form to letters and signs in an expressive and skillful manner and her lettering skills show prominently throughout her work. As an activist and community organizer in the borderlands of Southern Arizona the process of painting in and for the public on buildings and walls is an empowering act. This act, by default and in its very process, aims to connect, to heal and to honor our history and reflect a sense of place and vernacular space. Activism is too often flat and colorless whereas public art can be inter-dimensional and vibrant.Johanna is excited by the exploration of people , their environment and how we express our human connectedness; especially from a woman’s perspective, as well as the marks we make on the world and the mindfulness we create around the planet we leave to our children. By emphasizing form and aesthetics, Johanna seeks to clarify our existence and find poetic meaning in everyday life. Her works are notable for their attention to detail and to the research behind the symbology and narration of the story and its interwoven imagery, and bears witness to great craftsmanship. Johanna “Moxie” Martinez currently lives and works in Tucson, AZ.

RAEchel Running, a freelance arts activist, works as a cultural and environmental ambassador and educator and seasonal Grand Canyon river guide. When she’s not running around the west, or shooting the rapids, she hangs her hat in Tucson’s Barrio Viejo and shares a studio and library in the Historic Labor Temple. RAEchel Running inherited a lifetime love for the “picture and the word” and community engagement from her family and community of artists, scientists, Native cultures and environmental movements influenced her lens on the world from the Colorado Plateau and later to the US/Mexico borderlands when she lived for five years in Chihuahua, Mexico. A published freelance photographer and painter for over thirty years RAEchel’s work has been internationally recognized and exhibited. History, travel, books, archives and people’s stories inspire Raechel’s work. She continues to explore beyond the radius of the Greater Southwest, traveling from the Grand Canyon to the Peruvian Amazon, the Caribbean and the US/Mexico Borderlands. Like the spices of the cultural diverse landscapes she photographs, her imagery reflects her interests in the human condition, social and environmental issues and the cultural histories of the Americas. Her documentary and fine art photo based collages and murals explore the cycles of life and death, migrations and the spiritual threads that connect us to our humanity and wildlands. RAEchel Running’s work connects people to communities, backyards and wildlands. She take viewers on visual journeys beyond personal and national borders. She believes art is the media can foster kindredness and stewardship between people and our relationship to our world and a hopeful and sustainable future.