Jana & Js | Lille, France

Jana & Js an Austrian and French couple currently living in Salzburg, Austria are a street art duo currently based in Austria who specialize in detailed stencil work, frequently depicting people with cameras or couples sharing intimate moments. Their work can be found both in urban as well as in a closed space. Inspired by the city and its architecture in the change of time, as well as the residents and the viewers, they spray urban landscapes, portraits and details of architectures (often photographed people) with a play of reflections and transparencies. They are using the stencil technique. After living several years in Madrid and Paris, they now live in Austria, Salzburg.

The pair create polychromed stencil murals widely ranging in size. Based primarily on their personal photographic work, the stencils seem to respond and interact with their surroundings. mostly inspired by the city and people living in, their paintings merge urban landscape or architecture details with portrait, questioning the place of human being in the modern cities. Inspired by the place where they put their work they now focus on nostalgie, melancholy. after spending some time in madrid, spain where they met and living a couple of years in paris, jana & js are now settled in salzburg – austria.

To display their works, they choose old materials that are showcasing the passing of physical time and history. they have made their art in unexpected spaces by printing stencils on public infrastructure or on the semi-finished/dismantled products/spaces such as the train tracks, old buildings, poles, pieces of concrete, old trucks, wood piles…

They are deeply inspired by every place they travel to, deciphering the social meaning in unforeseen aspects of urban landscapes. But what is the most striking part in their works are not panoramas themselves, but people with their existential uneasiness. they have the unique way of relating people, their emotions, desires and concerns with their environment. Their urban interventions merge their subjects with the environment, provoking thoughts and engaging the viewers in an artistic dialogue.

If you’re lucky enough to do what you love in life, then your job isn’t a job, but a pleasure. If you do what you love with someone you love, then I’m not sure there is anything left for you to ask for. Combining business with pleasure for over eight years now are Jana Balluch from Austria and Jean-Sebastien Philippe from France, two artists whom perhaps you know better as Jana & Js. Theirs is quite a love story: they met through Artiste-ouvrier, aka Pierre-Benoît Dumont, a French painter and street artist who practiced stencil within a community of artists called WCA – Working Class Artists. Js, along with artist 6lex, was already part of this group before Jana joined them in 2006. Jana & Js painted their first wall in Paris, and since 2007, they’ve been joining their creative forces and making great art around the world.