I Support Street Art

Welcome to the motherland of Street Art. The largest, global, art movement ever. THE STREET IΣ OUR GALLERY and we bring it to you.

This website is designed to inform and support urban street art from all over the world. Check out our artist galleries, interviews, festivals and exhibitions across many cities. We offer you glimpses of what happens on city walls. Browse as you discover the creations of hundreds of Street Artists internationally, getting to understand their styles and works.

The art skills of those artists that interact with the urban environment, are fascinating. Through art, public walls have become expression canvases for hundreds of artists in cities with millions of by passers viewing them. Walls with messages, colours, designs, drawings are constantly taking over the art scene. Art is no longer only in Galleries and behind closed doors. Street Art is on the rise, in every city and every neighborhood. THE STREET IΣ OUR GALLERY.

‘’I Support Street Art’’ initially started of as Facebook Page in 2010, specialising in supporting the fine talents of global street art. After growing rapidly and with public demanding an official presence, we have created this website, to offer better updates on a wider scale without Private social media restrictions. Street Art expression has its dignity and style, let us all support it. It is art, not always Vandalism.

The streets are becoming canvases offering colour and art to our everyday life! Share what inspires you and tell us your thoughts. Comment and share with your fellow art lovers!

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