GREGOS Interview | France

Gregos is a french street artist who started to display his face on the walls of Paris.

He invented his own 3D concept using all the techniques he has developed and taught himself over the years, and creates a replicate of his face, tongue out or smiling, that he paints and glues on the walls of Paris. Each face is a sort of self-portrait of the day to express his humors, his past, present, and future. At first, the faces were only blanks, and the message was the tongue out. Gregos’ street art concept is successful at inspiring interaction between the faces and by passers. As of today, more than 500 faces have been installed, in Paris mostly, but also in other towns of France and of the world including Europe, USA, Japan and South America.

Graffiti tags often have a hidden meaning. How did you come up with Gregos?

When I was tagging on the walls, my name wasn’t Gregos, I was Rob.C just cause it sounded good to my ears. My real name is Grégory, and my nickname is Greg, but all my friends called me Gregos, so when I decided to have an “artist’s name”, I choose the one my friends gave to me.

Who inspired you to become a graffiti artist? Did you want to become something else and draw as a secondary job?

Nobody inspired me to become a graffiti artist, I’m not a graffiti artist, it was just a period when I was young. We just wanted to put our names on our “territory”, we didn’t want to make art, we wanted the people to know where they were. I was not thinking to be somebody else, I’ve quite school at 18 years old, and wasn’t thinking about tomorrow. At this time, I didn’t want to be an artist, even if I was drawing a lot, or sculpting. It was my secret garden. My goal was to find a job and leave my parent’s home.

Most of your works are about human being and especially the face your face any special message that you want to convey or any special meaning behind that?

I would like to let the people think about what I draw on the face, to have their own interpretation, but most of the faces are a daily humour.

You seem to create magnificent pieces of art in unexpected places. Do you intend to catch people by surprise?

Most of the time, Yes.

Have you ever been collaborated with other artists?

Yes, with dozens from all around the world.

Have you ever been jealous of any other street artist? If yes, who?


Is it the first time you come to Athens? If not, what do you think of Athens, even during crisis? If yes, what do you except to see after the harsh critic of the European medias?

No it’s not the first time, I leaved in Athens for 2 years, between 1995 and 1997. It was a beautiful time in my life (I was 23), and for me this is where I decided to be an artist, and when I got back in France, I started modelling clay.I came back in Athens 14 years later, in 2011, a lot of things had changed because of the Olympic games. Greeks were the same, but I really felt more poverty in the streets, and more cops. Goods are also really more expensive. Regarding the Media, I don’t trust them, they show us what they want us to see.I only can judged if I know, met, leave or visit.

Do you enjoy seeing your work in a gallery?

Yes I do.

As you are getting older, does your aspect of street life change?