DOURONE | Israel‏

Fabio Lopez aka DOURONE was born in Madrid and raised in the countryside, soaking up the “art and affection” provided by his family. In 1999, he began displaying his creations in the streets under the name DOURONE that he retains today.

His self-taught style reflects on his experiences in the world, which captures real-life moments that stand out for their beauty. His works are often defined as figurative illustration, classical, and surreal. He draws nspiration from artists like MC Escher, Mohlitz Philippe, Jean Giraud (Moebius), Giovanni Battista Piranesi.

Fabio has exhibited in Spore Gallery, Mad is Mad Gallery (Madrid), and Art Reproductions Museum (Bilbao). He has been published in the International Herald Tribune, El Pais, Staff Magazine, and El Duende Magazine. Collaborations and clients include Hendrick’s Gin, Kraken Rum, Red Bull, Magnum, clip Insurance Agency Neolabels, Lola Agency. DOURONE’s mission hasn’t changed: “Traveling and being an artist when he grows up”.

This year Artist4Israel rely on  Dourone to participate to its project in Israël most famous beach city Netanya. OPEN expects to highlight once again few of the most important value for DOURONE which are the FREEDOM, the RESPECT and the DIVERSITY. The mural can now be seen at the intense neighborhood of Matnas.