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Curiot (Favio Martinez) was born in Sahuayo, Michoacán. He went to school in California and moved back to Mexico in his twenties. He started drawing in adolescent age, and as he perfected his skills he decided to get a more formal education. As a self-taught artist, he painted for years before he went to the Universidad Michoacana where he earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts diploma in 2008. Curiot was strongly influenced by his culture and aesthetics. From Aztec prints to sugar skulls, he synchronizes his murals with the lively energy of Mexican folklore. Something powerful and energetic drew him back to Mexico after life in the States. He wanted to explore the symbols and legends and to create his own world of mythical half-human, half animal creatures.

Rich color palette and sound geometrical patterns are combined with strange looking creatures from another world. The creatures are often portrayed surrounded by small people who honor them and celebrate their presence. This connection to people ties the knot with Mexican culture and puts his work into the realm of the sublime. His world of murals is imaginary, but the symbolism is as real as it can get. The message is clear – men were and will be an integral part of nature, and their beautiful relationship must be maintained with mutual respect. Curiot’s subject is coexistence with nature and the stories about this connections can be found in rich mythology and in Mexican art.
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 After solo pieces in Miami for Art Basel, Seth and Fintan Magee are now in Louisiana where they just finished working on this new collaboration in Baton Rouge. Invited by the Museum Of Public Art, the newly formed French-Australian duo quickly painted this sweet piece which is featuring both artist’s distinctive style.   

Julien Malland, alias Seth, est né à Paris en 1972. Peintre, reporter, éditeur, graffeur, artiste aux multiples talents, il s’inspire de ses voyages et de la culture populaire pour créer des murs colorés et poétiques. Véritable « Globe Painter », Seth offre aux spectateurs d’art de rue un périple à travers le monde. read more

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Blu is an Italian street artist that currently lives in Bologna, Italy. He started painting in a capital of Italy’s Emilia-Romagna Region and has been involved in the street art scene since 1999. His works can be seen through the world and his style is easily recognizable. They are known to be “epic scale murals.” Blu prefers to paint his works around the urban and industrial landscape. Like most street artists, Blu began painting graffiti with spray paint. He quickly gained recognition and fame by painting a graffiti series in the suburbs of Bologna. Over the next few years into the early 2000s, Blu’s graffiti style transformed thanks to his growing use of house paint. read more

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Irish street artist Maser has returned to London producing this new black and white mural titled ‘Unite’ in Shoreditch. We caught the finished mural this afternoon on the side of the former Ravenscroft Public House on the Dorset Estate in East London which would appear to have a new owner. The site previous featured the work of American artist Gaia who held his solo show “Show Of Hands” (covered here) with Nelly Duff in the venue earlier this year before the pub shut.

Some additional work from Maser can still be seen in London on Buxton Street, just off Brick Lane which saw him collaborate with fellow Irish artist Conor Harrington. It was also been announced this week that Maser will be one of the invited speakers taking part in the creative conference Offset 2014 in Dublin, Ireland.

We have attended Offset the last few years and had a fantastic time and the line-up for 2014 is shaping up very nicely, so we suggest you get involved and book yourselves some early bird tickets on the Offset website here.

MASER first started painting graffiti in Ireland in 1995 and very quickly created quite an impression on the established scene with his innovative letter styles, characters and photo realism. It is fair to say he is the most well rounded graffiti artist at work in Ireland today with a capacity to do everything from quickly executed simple pieces to full colour work, characters and full scale cooperative projects with themed backgrounds and concepts. Since 1995 he’s treated the world as his canvas leaving behind some of his artwork in London, Austria, Germany, Copenhagen, Holland, Belgium, Prague, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden as well as making a visit to New York the birth place of his beloved art form. Maser has also painted extensively throughout Ireland. read more

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Dean Stockton is an English multimedia street artist who uses spray paint, stickers, posters, and stencils. “D*Face”, a.k.a. Dean Stockton, grew up in London and had a childhood interest in graffiti. He credits this to Henry Chalfant’s coverage of subway graffiti in New York City in Spraycan Art and Subway Art, later as a teenager skateboarding and in particular Thrasher magazine’s coverage of skateboard deck graphics led his interest in stickers and the DIY mentality associated with skate and punk fanzines. He attended an illustration and design course and worked as a freelance illustrator/designer whilst honing his street work. Influences included Shepard Fairey’s “Obey Giant” art campaign, Jim Philips, hip hop, punk music, and popular animated cartoons.[1]
He held his first major London solo exhibition, Death & Glory, at the Stolenspace gallery, which sold out in October 2006.[2] Since then, his exhibitions have included a solo show, Eyecons, at O Contemporary in Brighton in March 2007, again a sell out show. This featured new paintings, an installation and two prints — of Kurt “Kant Complain” and Cli-Che.[3] read more

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This is Stik, paint-splattered and hard at work in the Mile End Arts Pavilion on some material for his solo show back in 2010.  He’s been creating Stik in various forms for 10 years now. You’ll find his work mainly around Hackney Wick, Dalston and Shoreditch –  Stik people resting, dancing, entire Stik families bringing life to neglected walls or empty billboards. Recently, Stik’s been branching out, with people in other parts of London asking him to graffiti Stik on their walls, working at Glasto and putting up a few pieces in Bristol. He even did a campaign for British Waterways. read more

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