• LOSOTROS Mj Tom | Interview

    Curriculum Vitae on My Own Words

    There is no Reality | Until You Create One. Urban Art is my way to conciliate with reality. In some cases, I can bring it close to my standards. And psychoanalysis too. Both of them are hopeless. It is a try to put an order in the hectic world around and inside me. To value better what had happed and possibly what is happening, at least a part of it. It is a lost war. Before I can understand what had happened in reality, or at least what I perceive as reality, the latter flips and turns to something else. I ‘m a witness, an eye witness. I revise meticulously what it is around me. I examine, select, collect, put in order emotions. Stating what is important and what is not, what could be regarded as beautiful, or ugly, what would be funny or sad. If I can’t change it, I can barely transform it, good enough in order to compromise with it. Sometimes the attempt is successful, sometimes it isn’t. I ‘m urban. I like nature but I feel comfortable only in the city. It is my battlefield. Especially, the afterhours, when everybody sleeps so I can walk quietly in the streets and hear the sounds. My paints they are made for me, but in reality they refer to others. It is an attempt; to speak enough for me but not in a verbal way. What is entitled inside the frame, presuppose my aesthetic viewpoint. But what they produce is beyond my control. I exist in both of them. It is a miracle, when it happens. Unfortunately isn‘t an everyday experience. Or, I believe so. And, they constitute my curriculum vitae. read more

  • FKDL FRANK DUVAL | Interview

    When did you start to know about “art”?  Who inspires you to be a graffiti artist?

    I began painting in the 80s and present my work to the public in 1992. At first, my favorite painters were Picasso, Matisse, Chaissac, Braque… and I discover Jacques Villeglé (from the « New Realists ») when I start to use collages in my work. Before I start Street Art. I  am much more a Collage artist than a Graffiti artist and my influences come from painter like Speedy Graphito, Banksy and Villeglé. read more

  • FKDL FRANK DUVAL | Gallery

    FKDL aka FRANK DUVAL  begins painting in the 80s and presents his work to the public since 1992. Barely a decade later, this fan of collage discovers and develops Art Scotch (created by Joseph Gil Wolman). With this technique, he becomes FKDL and joins the heart of the street art in 2006. His approach is both artistic and humanistic : with old magazines, he makes his imaginary accessible to everyone on the city walls. He shares his techniques at workshops and is in great causes that he finds an extension of his commitment to art. read more

  • FKDL FRANK DUVAL | Interview

    When the speed of an object approaches the speed of light, time slows down, and the space distances contract. With the exhibition “Midi-Minuit” – “Midday-Midnight” – shown from January 25th to March 10th, 2013 at the New Heart City Gallery, Franck Duval gives us an artistic reflection on time and light and involves us into an imaginary experience of these two components of our universe. read more

  • ±MAISMENOS± | Gallery

    ±MAISMENOS± surfaces in 2005 as a personal project developed in an academic research context. It quickly became a reference of creative intervention in Portuguese urban circles, due to its viral mechanics as well as the various media it wove itself into.
    Initially, ±MAISMENOS± presented itself as a brand against brands, its utopian mission being the antidote to advertising: ±MAISMENOS± may be found as illegal marks over a wide variety of urban environments, just as it may surface as an art installation.
    ±MAISMENOS±  is the visual representation of the collapse of the economic systems (+ – = 0), clearly conveying a standpoint in regards to it – while also acting as a blank canvas, a particularly open-ended icon where the citizen may be able to project anything they wish, fear or suspect. read more

  • ICKS | Gallery

    IMPERFECT POSSIBLE> THE REALITY IN HALFTONES > ICKS “Sometimes, when I eat lots of ‘scherpelle’ (*) and I doze off on the couch, I see huge faces, all photocopied.. then I realize that the moment has come” [ICKS] read more

  • ICKS | Interview

    IMPERFECT POSSIBLE> THE REALITY IN HALFTONES > ICKS “Sometimes, when I eat lots of ‘scherpelle’ (*) and I doze off on the couch, I see huge faces, all photocopied.. then I realize that the moment has come” [ICKS] read more

  • GREGOS | Interview

    Graffiti tags often have a hidden meaning. How did you come up with Gregos?

    When I was tagging on the walls, my name wasn’t Gregos, I was Rob.C just cause it sounded good to my ears. My real name is Grégory, and my nickname is Greg, but all my friends called me Gregos, so when I decided to have an “artist’s name”, I choose the one my friends gave to me. read more